Me:  My name is Ilse Nijland, I am a circular designer and owner of Studio Mullland. I create new items from reused fabrics which results in saving clothes from the landfill. Buying fabrics for sewing orders was giving me a despairing feeling. Every time I wondered about all that new produced material, knowing there is a growing textile mountain which is causing pollution problems to our environment. Especially the fabrics that contain polyester. Reading figures and statistics that show how much water and chemicals are used to produce fabrics and finding out how long it would take for fabrics to decompose, was an eye-opener for me. It seems to me that it is time to make a change if we want to have a future on this earth.


You:  Hello and welcome to my store. By visiting my webshop you are showing that you are aware of the world's pollution problems.  You might be concerned about te chemicals and the amount of water which are being used to produce your jeans. Or maybe you are getting tired of the fast fashion industry making you jump from 1 seasonal trend into another which comes with disastrous consequences.  In your search to a less harmful wardrobe here you are going to find a new style, honest made from recycled fabrics.